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Gracebrakes was created to offer a place where you could brake for some grace. Life doesn’t allow for a lot of grace breaks. It wants you stay in drive all the time so we created a rest stop to refuel and recharge while traveling this life.

Life doesn’t allow for a lot of grace breaks.

A few years ago, God changed everything. He changed our lives with his simplicity. No longer were we a slave but sons enjoying the fellowship with a Father who loved us. It changed the way we lived our lives and how we treated people. We are always a work in progress but knowing we are loved has transformed our lives.
Brittany Baird Taylor, David Baird, and Gentry Baird are collaborators who are frequently contributing to the Gracebrakes community. We are discovering daily the length, height and depth of our Father’s love. David is a teacher who brings a vibrant, relevant message that is challenging us to live in a promised land of “ask and receive”, while Gentry is a dynamic, anointed musician whose words of grace, truth and power are being heard all over the world. Brittany is a thespian who enjoys writing the revelation God so generously shares into blog entries. We are uniting these divinely inspired gifts into one location so that you may know true freedom in Christ.
Stop, rest and brake from the patterns of servanthood that have left you tending the fields when you are invited to dine. Come and enjoy a real rest where your actions don’t get you any closer to God but your surrender leads you to a life transformed and teeming with abundance.

Brake. Rest. Recharge your life. Enjoy a real rest.

We have teachings, blog posts and music that are all divinely inspired moments where God just laid some truth in our laps and used our gifts to make it tangible. All of these gifts are organized here on gracebrakes.com and can be easily accessed using a keyword search below.
We are not perfect nor are we always right but we love to share and learn from one another.  Join us on Skype for random gatherings where you can share or just listen. Check us out on Facebook or leave a comment. Follow us on twitter, subscribe to our podcast and pin us on Pinterest. Join our community in whatever way works best for you. We just want to be a resource for you, a place where you can always brake for some grace.
Grace be with you!
Brittany, David and Gentry

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