Change the Way You Think

Change your thinking and you change your life.

Sovereignty of God Debunked

I have been thinking a lot about the enormity of God. His vastness and all encompassing presence and power. Many interpret this “massiveness” as sovereignty. This massive God can do anything He wants with our lives and we can either appreciate the blessing or the correction. Our response is what […]

Breathing 2

Paralyzed and aching for escape, I drop to the floor. My senses are held hostage by one pursuit: the need to breathe. My mind is being capsized by thoughts of pain, fear and utter dread that lead to an insurmountable knowing that death is imminent. Weakened and alone, with my […]


My conversation with God today… ME: I want to give up. God, I just want to quit. Please, get me out of this? GOD: You don’t have to quit. ME: I did last time and it made me feel better. GOD: For a moment. ME: This one is too hard. […]

Life or Death 2

Astonishing!Unbelievable!Glorious!Awe-inspiring!Life-changing!When is the last time you said these words? How many of you need some astonishment or inspiration in your life?I don’t know about you but my life could use some change.Continue reading and allow these words to relieve the pressure of spiritual perfection.Our journey begins in the Word of […]