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Mission Statement

We are surrendered to the gospel of grace.

We believe that it is by His might and power that we exist and thrive.

Our aim is to bring glory to God while stopping for the one.

Our writings, teachings, songs, and media are all extensions of our life in Christ, the Hope of Glory.


Ministry Leaders

Gentry Baird

Gentry Baird: Songwriter, Singer and Worshipper

Gentry Baird has been serving as a worship leader for over 9 years now. Her abilities as a singer, songwriter and musician are changing lives all over the country. Her current single, “God Reigns” can be purchased on iTunes and is a sampler of what more songs will be added to her upcoming CD release in Spring 2015. Gentry’s infusion of acoustic melodies with poetic language echoes the heart of God towards his children. Each lyric possesses the ultimate truth of God’s grace. She is a lover of worshipping Jesus and seeks to know Him and His power in a deeper measure daily. Her life’s work is dedicated to bringing any believer into a deeper experience with the Father during worship. Gentry currently serves as a Worship Leader at Dogwood Church in Tyrone, GA and is a Graphic Design student at SCAD in Atlanta, GA.






Brittany Baird Taylor

Brittany Baird Taylor has always found deep and meaningful experiences with fellow believers to be the highlight of living and loving Jesus. She seeks to know Jesus more and experiencing that with others who are hungry for more. Brittany has always felt inspired to write since she was a little girl. Anytime God felt the need to share a truth, she grabbed her pen. Her collection contains over 20 journals that have now been assimilated into an online diary where God’s truth can be found with a simple keyword search. These truths are divinely inspired and carry a truth that the Father is revealing in Brittany every time she surrenders. She hopes the blog entries find you exactly when you need them and create a stirring in you for more of God’s love. Brittany’s intent for Gracebrakes is to offer a place of rest and respite from the chaos of living a life of striving. Brake for some grace anytime you need a dose of love. Brittany is an actor, writer and teacher in Hampton Roads, VA.






David Baird

David Baird is the father of Gentry Baird and Brittany Taylor. Conversations with David have been the foundation for his daughters spiritual experience. David has a sincere desire to know the depths of God’s love and emerges from personal prayer time with deep, life-altering revelations that are truly God-breathed. He is both a teacher and writer whose revelation on the book of Job and understanding of the “ask and receive” relationship will not only change you but jolt you into a new place of prosperity and favor. David believes you are created to know the full extent of what was accomplished on the cross. His teachings over the last three decades are included here at Gracebrakes and can be downloaded on iTunes. In addition to serving as a teacher to local ministries, he is also a licensed loan originator and realtor in the West Georgia area.

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