The power in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus found us today more than 2000 years later because of teachings. The apostles found a pulpit in temples, doorsteps, homes, streets, jails, courts, meeting rooms, etc. The gospel was being spoken and written. Spoken and written over and over and over to find our ears and hearts in the 21st century. We are continuing this tradition utilizing the tools of technology. This message has lost no effect nor been tainted by time. It remains THE message. The same urgency that took Simon Peter and Paul and all apostles to the highways and byways for years after Jesus’ resurrection is the same pull we feel today. This message that brings outsiders on the inside, this message that proclaims the resurrection life of Jesus lives in us…this message of grace that is THE GOSPELĀ is received in order to share.

We believe that God is redeeming his church from the snares of religious thinking and revive His bride. The kingdom of God is realizing our identity in Christ and proclaiming that the same life that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. We encourage you to subscribe to our Podcast, join Gracebrakes Church, follow us via email, and read our blogs.

Music and video are coming soon. Stay tuned for revelation that will transform.

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