Water Walking – Part Two

I think Jesus woos us. I think it’s the kind of romance that never fades or gets tired of holding hands. It always whispers sweet nothing’s in our ears telling us our beauty and how much we are deeply desired. It is an intimacy that overwhelms and influences. It allows us to see ourselves in the light of who He is and to let go of our pain, shame and sin as waters that pass away. The deeper in love we are with Jesus, it’s as if we come to to the side of the river and a wind catches the worst of us. It sends it into the waters below. It’s form is consumed and it is carried into its end. We look in the waters and see a reflection of light that we do not deserve. Loving Jesus is a journey of finding self in falling into the arms of a mad, crazy, ridiculous, unwavering love that changes.

What have I got myself into? A love affair that has swept me into a way of living and loving that surpasses comprehension. It not only overlooks my filth but dives into the mess of me and makes it pure. Pure as a child’s first cry or a last breath. It’s a newness that transcends reason. The ugliness of me smeared by blood-blood that left pores in torment, the deepest agony, to find me. To find me……………to find me.

A me clothed in worthlessness and nothingness. All that agony for me. For me.

It’s a love I do not comprehend or will ever define. But it is worth the search. If every day is meant to know this love a little deeper/stronger, then life is worth the living. Knowing and being known is the meaning to life. In this relationship, I find it ALL. I find you and you find me. My prayer is to continually lap in the ocean of this love until we meet face to face, spirit to spirit.

You are ALL, all I want.

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